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Contractors Insurance

Contractor’s insurance, also known as construction insurance, is a constantly changing set of laws sometimes causing the contractor’s evolve into new and different services. In today’s litigious environment, contractors are finding it difficult to be successful with the increased risk of lawsuits as well as the increased costs of quality contractor’s liability insurance and quality labor.

Empire West Insurance speacializies in wrtting insurance for contractors, so If you’re involved in the construction industry, think about your insurance coverage. How familiar are you with your liability and workers’ compensation policies? Do you know the difference? It’s good to ask these questions now, before a worst-case scenario situation arises.

Keeping up with the construction industry is a full time job. But we deal with contractor’s insurance, liability insurance and workman’s comp insurance every day, allowing us to stay on top of this constantly changing market. we will deliver a customized risk management solution to meet your exact needs. Services include the coordination of issued policies and endorsements among multiple parties.