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Pollution Liability

Pollution Liability protects against the accidental release of a pollutant into the environment. These policies can be tailored for Contractors – both Environmental and Non-Environmental, Farms, Transportation firms and just about any other type of business. As environmental standards and regulations increase, almost every business has an environmental exposure of some sort. Even non-hazardous and seemingly benign substances such as milk, for example can become hazardous and dangerous in certain situations. Such as when a milk truck overturned on a bridge, dumping hundreds of gallons of milk into a stream, killing all the fish. Policies can be designed to cover third party locations you do not own but are working on, or sites you may own or operate. Incidental pollution coverage can be added to General Liability policies for Laboratories, Consultants and other firms that have minimal exposure to hazardous substances, but have the need. Coverage is available on a standalone basis or as part of a package. Empire West writes pollution liability insurance for many types of companies that spread across a wide spectrum of disciplines. We have seen many situations that would normally not be considered when thinking of pollution, or the need for pollution liability insurance. Everyday something new comes to us, nothing has stumped us yet!