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General Liability Package Policies

General Liability Package Policies are great options for Environmental Firms, Engineering Firms and Laboratories amongst others. These are versatile policies that can include Pollution Liability and Professional Liability (E&O) or both with the standard General Liability. These policies are very cost and effective ways of getting several different operations and exposures covered under one policy with one carrier providing the coverage. There are many advantageous reasons for going with a package policy such as this, cost savings, avoidance of coverage gaps are the main two, while having one carrier provide coverage on several coverage parts can ease the claims process. Many times it is difficult to determine if a claim is strictly a General Liability, or a Pollution Liability claim, or Professional Liability. In most cases if you have operations that involve all three of these, the claim can easily involve all three. If you have different carriers for each coverage part, arguments will erupt over exactly who is responsible to pay the claim, and exactly how much they have to pay. Having one carrier cover these operations, will avoid this arguing and will speed the claims process. Although we all hope you will never have to go through such a scenario, you want to know your insurance company will makes things as easy as possible for you if you do need them.